Project Description

Cooking/Smoking to perfection starts with choosing quality ingredients. Quality grade of meat, Choice of wood, Fresh spices/seasonings and toppings or condiments to accentuate flavors.

We meticulously trim, inject or season our meats before putting them on our smokers. We pay close attention to pit temperature, smoke color, internal temperature of meats, and weather. Persistence and Consistency are key to making perfectly smoked meats every time we fire up our smokers.

Barbecue is what we are passionate about!! BBQ is a culture and cuisine that knows no boundaries of age, gender, geography, or ethnicity.  We strive to make sure every brisket, pork shoulder, turkey breast and chicken are the best BBQ we have ever had. So when we cater your event, you will think it’s the best BBQ you’ve ever had too!!

BBQ may mean different things to different people. One thing is for sure. . . BBQ brings people together!

We work hard at what we do, because we love BBQ, and we want YOU to love it too!